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With decades of experience in the trade, no awards in Mississauga are complete without a Trophy Shop trophy. We use only the best materials and workmanship to craft your custom awards and trophies in-house. See our information on trophy design, and our guides on cleaning and caring for your trophies, awards, and custom apparel to learn more about ourĀ in house manufacturing process and materials. While the majority of our awards and trophies in Mississauga go to sporting events and ceremonies, many of our clients use our services for other purposes. Business or personal mementos like office awards or school trophies are increasingly popular occasions to order a well crafted, locally sourced trophy that can proudly be displayed in any cabinet. Whatever your needs are, we have a variety of awards and trophies to suit any occasion, and any budget. Talk to our friendly team about what you need, and when you need it by - we will get the job done.

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